About Us


Our History

Atiefoo Express Company started operating fully on 15th February, 1999, shipping goods from China to Ghana .

We ship your goods by air and by sea.

Any quantity of goods from 1 Kilograms (kg) upwards can be shipped by air from China to Ghana. Any quantity of goods in cubic metres (cbm) can be shipped by sea from China to Ghana.

When we receive your goods in China you can receive your goods in Ghana after 3 days.

How It Works


Choose Your Service

We ship your goods either by air or by sea so let us know the service you want us to render

  • Contact any of our customer support numbers
  • Either by call or through whatsapp
  • Go straight to the point and choose a service you want us to render you, either by air or sea shipping

Follow Our Instructions

We are very professional in our dealings so we relate with you one on one

  • Specify the weight of your goods in kilograms
  • Wait for our response on the amount you ought to pay
  • We will come for your goods to our warehouse when you make payment

Tracking Your Goods

As we already specified we dliver your goods in 3 days after your goods reaches our warehouse in China to Ghana

  • Contact our customer support on the progress of your goods
  • We will call you as soon as your goods reaches Ghana
  • We will call the receiver to come and do the formalities to take their goods or we deliver directly to their doorstep